Case Studies

ETX Capital Case Study 2017+

ETX Capital operates in a highly regulated and complex industry. The business provides a significant amount of product choices to be able to offer its customers such a versatile trading experience. In 2016 the business identified a need to outsource its meeting support to a professional company, after attempts to manage this process in-house had proved difficult and impractical.

From the very outset, Bridgehouse hit the ground running by supporting existing in-house resources and producing high standard, accurate minutes. Granular detail and accuracy of discussions are extremely important to this client, along with trust and a connection with its Directors.

Momentum Global Investment Management Case Study 2017+

MGIM is a small firm operating in a highly regulated industry and corporate governance is extremely important to the organisation.

In 2013 MGIM decided to outsource elements of its governance process to a trusted Company Secretarial resource, largely in respect of providing professional Minute Taking at Board and Audit Committee meetings.

As a small company there was little capacity to employ resource with these very specific Minute Taking skills, and so outsourcing to Bridgehouse provided a solution for this.

Consistency is extremely important to the client, along with high standards of service and a flexible approach to working.

Hearthstone Investments Case Study 2017+

Hearthstone Investments is a small firm that operates in the financial services sector. The company advises on investment on behalf of the public, and therefore good corporate governance is critical to the health and well-being of the organisation.

Following a restructure in early 2017, Hearthstones saw an opportunity to strengthen its corporate governance and sought outside specialist support to assist. Bridgehouse provided a solution and peace of mind for the Board.

Value for money is important to this client, along with a truly personal and bespoke approach to working.

CS Healthcare Case Study 2014+

CS Healthcare is a specialist provider of low cost health insurance to all parts of the Civil Service, Public Sector and Not for Profit organisations. CS Healthcare has a mutual status and does not have any shareholders so focuses purely on the member.

CS Healthcare were looking for professional support for their 2011 Annual General Meeting.

After Bridgehouse demonstrated the GAPP wheel for Governance support it became clear that Openness and Accountability was an area that required support.



Institute of Translation and Interpreting Case Study 2014+

ITI is the only independent professional association of practicing translators and interpreters in the UK.

Established in 1986 it is now a focal point for all those who understand the importance of translation and interpreting to the economy and community.

ITI were looking for professional support to review their existing governance framework and ensure the structure and processes in place were robust and effective to ensure delivery of its vision to ‘Promote the highest standards in the profession to a global community with integrity and professionalism’. By demonstrating the Bridgehouse Gapp wheel this helped the Board to identify areas that required additional support and guidance.


South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust Case Study 2014+

South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust is a local regeneration charity working to bring about lasting change for the communities of South Kilburn. The Trust is a charitable company that is limited by Guarantee and can only operate for the benefits of the residents of South Kilburn.

As a result of previous regeneration initiatives and efforts in South Kilburn the Trust had a responsibility to create a robust and sustainable regeneration strategy for the future, guided by the objectives set out by the South Kilburn Partnership.

The charity needed to focus on redeveloping and building its relationships and partnerships so that the community could be fully supported and investment initiatives brought to fruition. There was a large amount of neighbourhood estate developments and community investment activities, and future plans for construction of health facilities and leaseholder purchase schemes.

Broadway Living Limited Case Study 2017+

Broadway Living was established in 2014 and immediately sought strong company secretarial support from the very outset. The company’s key stakeholder is its local authority, Ealing Council, and therefore the company operates in an area of high public interest.

Bridgehouse provides direct assistance to the Board and ensures the companies governance framework remains bespoke for its needs, yet remains in sync with the stakeholder.

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting – Electronic AGM October 2018+

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ITI has always been a key date in the Company’s governance calendar, with members voting on resolutions, discussing relevant topics and participating in lively Q&A sessions. However, as with many organisations, ITI was seeing a continuing decline in attendance at their AGM, exacerbated by the fact that many of its membership are located outside the UK.