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All public companies are obliged to have a company secretary but since 2008, the post of company secretary became optional for private companies (unless that is their articles of association explicitly require them to have one). However, this does not make the role of company secretary any less vital for companies of all types and sizes.

The role of a company secretary

With the increasing focus in recent years on corporate governance due to high profile business failures and mismanagement, the role of the company secretary has grown in importance.

In much the same way that businesses can call on the services of an accountant or solicitor, businesses need company secretarial services on tap to provide specialist professional advice on a wide range of business issues. These include being responsible for Companies House filings, advising directors on their duties and ensuring they comply with corporate legislation, sector-specific codes and the company’s articles, arranging meetings of directors and shareholders, maintaining company registers and developing the policies necessary to ensure good governance such as anti-bribery, expenses and whistle-blowing.


Many organisations cannot justify the expense – or do not want the commitment – of employing a full-time chartered company secretary – and do not have the professional skills needed to fulfil these important responsibilities in-house.

Consequently, many choose to outsource the role to specialist firms like Bridgehouse Company Secretaries, contracting their expertise either on a retainer or pay-as-you-go basis. This allows them to benefit from the service of a multi-skilled, highly experienced professional and pay only for the support they need, when they need it.

And having a dedicated company secretarial service on tap alleviates the considerable burden that would otherwise fall on company directors. This frees them to focus on the smooth running of the business, secure in the knowledge that this vital role is in good hands.

Bridgehouse Company Secretaries offers an extensive range of company secretarial services to support organisations to function efficiently.