> Company Secretarial Services

Bridgehouse Company Secretaries offers an extensive range of company secretarial services to support organisations to function efficiently and meet their standard statutory compliance requirements. Our expert team comprises of high-calibre professionals and chartered secretaries who deliver the following services to our clients:

Statutory Compliance

  • Preparation and filing of all applicable returns
  • Filing of any statutory changes with the relevant regulatory authority
  • Maintenance of the company’s statutory registers
  • Reconstruction of Company Registers
  • Filing of annual accounts

Company Formation and Administration

Our company formation service covers all the processes required to set up your limited company:

  • Electronic and printed certificate of incorporation
  • Electronic  copy of the articles of association
  • Statutory registers
  • Issuing share certificates
  • Post incorporation administration such as
    • Change of company’s accounting reference date (using Electronic Form AA01)
    • First Board minutes
    • Appointing additional Directors
    • Allotting further shares

Named Company Secretary and Registered Office

Bridgehouse Company Secretaries can provide:

  • Registered office address (which is a London postcode)
  • Named company secretary service
  • Mail forwarding service

Subsidiary Management

Increased merger and acquisition activity is making subsidiaries a more common part of the corporate structure in many industries. Subsidiaries can cause governance complications with additional, complex domestic and international regulations to keep abreast of and comply with.

All public companies are obliged to have a company secretary; following the 2006 companies Act, the post of company secretary became optional for private companies (unless their articles of association explicitly require them to have one). However, this does not make the role of company secretary any less vital for companies of all types and sizes.

We provide all of the required company secretarial services to manage your subsidiaries in accordance with each jurisdiction.

Why companies choose Bridgehouse Company Secretarial services

The increasing powers of regulators, together with the heightened focus on corporate governance and individual accountability, means that companies and their directors and officers are increasingly exposed to investigations which may lead to the imposition of fines and penalties.

Bridgehouse Company Secretarial Services ensure your company is fully compliant and operates in line with best practices to safeguard your business and improve efficiency.

Furthermore, our clients benefit from:

  • An experienced, professional team to fully cover the role without the need for full-time staff,including the ability to cover all meetings and taking minutes professionally
  • Continuity, dedicated named resource
  • The elimination of management issues around recruitment or holidays as there is always cover
  • Reduced costs.  Outsourcing can be cheaper than an in-house resource
  • Reduced Legal Fees
  • Access to modern day technology to make sure your governance and company secretarial needs are covered effectively

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