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Corporate governance is the way in which companies are directed and controlled.

One of the best-known explanations of the difference between governance and management was given by Professor Bob Tricker, regarded as the father of corporate governance, in 1984: “…if management is about running the business, governance is about seeing that it is run properly. All businesses need governing as well as managing.”

Research shows the top performing companies in terms of corporate governance produce 18% higher returnsmaximising shareholder value.

To put this figure in context, £100 invested in a well governed company will produce an average return of £120, while the same sum invested in a poorly run firm returns just £102. So, as well as being ‘the right thing to do’, good governance also makes commercial sense.

Good governance

Fundamentally, the principles of good governance remain the same for every company. It’s about managing the often complex relationships that make up a business, so that all needs and interests are taken into account.

Good corporate governance can help ensure that a company is transparent and accountable. This means taking responsibility for all outcomes – good and bad. It is more than mere compliance with legislation or a tick-box exercise and spans many areas of an organisation’s activities, which together add up to a well governed organisation.

We can help clients achieve good governance by providing corporate governance services in the seven key areas below.

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