Protecting your charity’s reputation – Bridgehouse Charity Financials Article – March 2019

This month our Consultant Jo Steel appears in Charity Financials. Below is a short snippet taken from the article.

Protecting your charity’s reputation – and managing that risk: how governance directly links to the rise or fall of the reputation of a charity.

With the Charity Commission issuing guidance on compliance so frequently to trustees and charity advisers across many different areas such as charity money, tax and accounts, fundraising, managing the charity, safeguarding and other guidance on staff and volunteers, as well as trustee roles and the board, there is a lot of information for trustees to absorb.

This article focuses on how compliance is crucial to preserving reputation and include tips on the areas that charities large and small should be considering on an annual basis to help manage this risk to their reputation – one of their most important assets.

It touches upon the discussions currently gaining momentum on whether trustees should be paid as an acknowledgement to the shear amount of compliance now expected of charity boards and the risks that they face.