Bridgehouse Support 2018 ‘Everywoman in Risk Forum’

Bridgehouse Company Secretaries were proud to support the ‘Everywoman in Risk Forum’ which took place on 29th November 2018 in London. Our own senior consultant and founder, Ibi Eso lead a discussion on how risk management is crucial in developing an effective governance framework. Ibi was happy to join with the many diverse and engaging speakers at this year’s event which was attended by over 150 risk management professionals from a variety of organisational backgrounds.





Bridgehouse’s session began with a look at our unique GAPP model for good governance. GAPP (Governance Assurance, Process and Practice) is used by Bridgehouse to uncover bespoke ways for our clients to comply and embed the many obligations of good governance. Risk Management forms the fourth strand of our unique GAPP model for good governance.

Risk Management as a Key to Success

Without risk management, businesses will struggle to reach their financial and strategic goals. It is imperative that all businesses regardless of type and size ensure that risk management is embedded into the very culture of the organisation. The three key principles for effective risk management are:

  • Embedding – risk management culture and practices throughout the organisation
  • Reviewing – risks on an ongoing basis including the identification of emerging risks
  • Monitoring – the risks at Board level where appropriate and monitoring the effectiveness of the risk framework itself.

Case study

Ibi talked about the importance of strong culture within organisations and how risk management should be supported by strong leadership from the top and a deep embedding of risk management culture throughout the organisation at all levels.

One client that Bridgehouse has worked with was found to have a gap in its Risk Management practices whereby a lone risk register was used which did not link to the internal audit function, was not known or understood within the organisation and was only reported to the Board a couple of times a year – through our GAPP model and dedicated and experienced governance advisors, we were able to assist our client in creating and embedding a comprehensive and effective risk management framework to ensure that risks were identified and managed, helping the organisation to optimize its successes.

Everywoman risk 2019

Bridgehouse were delighted to be part of this event and want to thank ‘everywoman’ for inviting us and arranging such a wonderful event. We are looking forward to the 2019 event already!

For more information about this event and ‘everywoman in business’ please visit: https://www.everywoman.com/about-us/what-we-do

For assistance with your Risk Management needs or to see how we can work with your business please click here.



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