Interim company secretary

Statutory filing deadlines won’t wait, employees sometimes leave without warning and AGMs won’t organise themselves. For these and other reasons you may occasionally need the services of a part-time or interim company secretary.

Trusted adviser

It is the responsibility of company secretaries to ensure organisational compliance with normal financial and legal practice and to promote high standards of corporate governance. Company secretaries are not obliged to provide legal advice, but a knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation is essential for them to effectively advise and act.

Company secretaries also play an important communication role, acting as the go-between for company stakeholders and the board. Their duty in this position is to make regular and accurate reports on the latest company developments and procedural changes. The role of company secretary is a key position in the organisation, working at the heart of the business, while always ensuring the organisation is operating lawfully. It’s not surprising that a company secretary is often described as a trusted adviser.

Company secretary tasks

Your interim company secretary might typically have tasks including:

  • Giving advice on corporate governance and accepted good governance practice to the board and executives
  • Participating in meetings when needed and offering advice to the directors, particularly regarding the potential implications of suggested policies
  • Keeping up to date and actively responding to legal changes. This includes advice on Data Protection Act, Bribery Act and Companies Act to mention a few
  • Maintaining regular contact with company lawyers and auditors, as well as other external advisers and regulators
  • Leasing with correspondence, organising information and writing reports, making sure decisions are made and communicated to the appropriate company stakeholders;
  • Meeting management services: Organising, preparing agendas for and taking minutes of board meetings and annual general meetings (AGMs);
  • Maintaining statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries.

A flexible addition

Providing an interim or part-time company secretary means that all your key company secretarial services can be covered without the need to employ another member of staff with the additional headcount commitment that entails. We can become a flexible addition to your team, helping as and when required.

The interim company secretary service typically provides cover for a specified period, while the part-time cover normally provides additional resource for an agreed number of hours per week or per month. Whatever your requirements, we are able to assist you. Call us on 0845 055 8260 or email .