Annual General Meeting

Many organisations, including public limited companies, some charities, certain limited companies, member organisations or public interest organisations, are required by their governing documents or statute to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). As the name suggests, these are held every year and carry out such business as the election of the board of directors (or individual directors), presentation of accounts and to inform their members of previous and future activities. It is an opportunity for the shareholders and interested parties to receive copies of the company’s report and accounts, as well as reviewing performance over the past year and asking any questions about the direction the organisation will take in the future. It is the chief opportunity to hold the organisation and its management team to account. Bridgehouse provides a range of AGM services to help ensure your meeting runs smoothly.

Our AGM support services

You may only convene one Annual General Meeting (AGM) a year but we typically organise a number on behalf of our clients – so for us, the preparation involved is second nature. Working hand in hand with third parties such as registrars, we provide AGM support in relation to venue management, drafting all required paperwork, shareholder communications, arranging voting and ballots on the day and appropriate recording of the meeting (minutes) to ensure your AGM is legally compliant and runs as smoothly as possible.

Bridgehouse Company Secretaries provides a comprehensive AGM support service that starts well in advance of the meeting itself and does not end until the minutes have been circulated. Here are some of the ways in which we can help.

Before the Annual General meeting:

  • Venue search ensuring potential venues are comfortable, appropriate and accessible with good transport links
  • Drafting the notice of meeting including any necessary resolutions
  • Drafting the proxy forms and any associated documents
  • Preparing the agenda
  • Making arrangements to obtain electronic voting systems for your meeting to ensure attendee participation is hassle-free, with real-time display of results to all attendees.
  • Drafting the chair’s script

At the Annual General Meeting:

Bridgehouse Company Secretaries can provide as much or as little help as you need on the day itself including:

  • Assistance with the signing in process
  • Assistance with ballots
  • Taking formal minutes of the meeting

After the Annual General Meeting:

  • Circulating minutes to the relevant parties
  • Following up on any passed resolutions for example amendments to articles or other governing documents
  • Any required notices or filings to Companies House, The Charities Commission, London Stock Exchange and so on

If you would like to find out more about our AGM support services, please get in touch.