The March Towards Flexible Working

Flexible working is becoming the norm with more and more companies abandoning the traditional 9-5pm, 37 hours a week and embracing a mix of part-time, home working, job-sharing, flexible hours and temporary staff.

When you think of flexible working, you often think about the flexibility for staff, how it can help improve work/life balance as well as (hopefully) increasing productivity.

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But what can flexibility offer companies directly?

Many companies face the tricky decisions on when to increase resource:

…..We have a big project coming up, we don’t really have enough resource but can we afford another staff member?

…..We are always so busy in the three months leading to the AGM but then it goes quiet so we don’t really need a permanent staff member

….We would get a temp but we don’t want to pay the recruitment fees, we’re not sure they’ll be able to ‘hit the ground running’ and what if we end up needing them longer than originally specified

A Flexible Solution

Here at Bridgehouse we have done a lot of thinking about how we could provide a flexible solution that can be used by companies without costing the earth in terms of recruitment fees.

That’s why we launched Bridgehouse Flex!

If having Bridgehouse on a retainer to provide ad hoc governance and company secretarial services isn’t the right option for you, you should consider our Flex option.

With Flex, you would get a dedicated, highly skilled individual with no long-term commitment, no agency fees and none of the overheads involved in employing a member of staff.

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Designed to fill any role quickly, you may need to engage someone if you don’t have the required expertise in-house, someone has left unexpectedly, to cover holidays or periods of extended leave, or you simply need an extra pair of hands to help you through a busy period or hectic AGM season!

As all our consultants are qualified, experienced company secretaries there will be no need to train them up and they will be able to pick up whatever CoSec and governance tasks straight away. As part of the Bridgehouse team, they also have the back up of permanent consultants if needed.

Read how Bridgehouse Flex helped a well-known mobiles, electricals and technology retailer, during a particularly busy time of year following the departure of an assistant company secretary.

To find out more about our Flex service or to find out about joining our existing bank of Flex consultants please contact us.

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