Corporate Governance Services

What is corporate governance? Good corporate governance is essential for any organisation. At Bridgehouse Company Secretaries we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve good governance through a variety of initiatives. In this section we explain good governance, why it is essential to have regular corporate governance reviews, compliance with the UK corporate governance code and the importance of evaluating the Board.

Good governance
Companies with good governance consistently perform better, more efficiently and accountably. We can help you understand what is corporate governance establish a good governance framework for your company.
Corporate governance review
Research shows that companies with good corporate governance are more profitable. So as well as being the ethical choice, a corporate governance review will help you make more money.
Board evaluation, training and skills audit
Effective leadership is the cornerstone of a successful business. We can help you to assessĀ  your board of directors and evaluate how it operates. We also offer a skills audit to identify any gaps in expertise.
Compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code
Bridgehouse Company Secretaries can provide expert guidance to ensure that your company complies with the updated Corporate Governance Code.