Project-based Company Secretarial Support

Bridgehouse Company Secretaries can act as an extra pair of hands in particularly busy periods. Our wide-ranging experience means we can offer company secretarial support with the expertise and capacity to handle the ad hoc tasks that occur from time to time.

For example, we can provide an interim company secretary as an extra resource during exceptionally busy times. Their duties could include preparing the Annual Report and ensuring the necessary disclosures are covered, preparing for the Annual General Meeting, changes to the corporate structure and tidying up subsidiaries to mention just a few. Our interim company secretaries are able to become an integral part of your team, albeit temporaraily, and ‘hit the ground running’ to ensure deadlines are met. We can also provide part-time cover to support the company secretary but usually on a longer-term basis.

We can also offer company secretarial support for projects including:

Just look on us as an extension of your in-house team!

Part time and Interim Company Secretary services
For those times when you need to fulfil your statutory requirements but don’t have the manpower in-house, Bridgehouse Company Secretaries can provide expert assistance on a part time or interim basis.
Company Secretarial Services
The Articles of Association for companies can sometimes become……