Company Incorporations

You may want to set up a private limited company to run your business and Bridgehouse Company Secretaries can help you with this. Our company incorporations service covers all the processes required to set up your limited company. We’ll have you up and running in no time!

What is required for a company incorporation?

To form a company you will need the following:

  • A company name – we can advise what it can and can’t include
  • An address for the company to which official letters can be sent. This must be in the same country your new company is registered in.
  • At least one director aged 16 or over.
  • Shareholder’s details
  • Shareholding details
  • Director information incuding- Full name, surname, any former names, full service address, usual residential address, country or state of residence, date of birth, nationality, occupation and security items( for electronic filing)

Security items for company incorporations can include any three from the list below. This information allows for electronic Companies House filings without the need for any paper forms or live signatures. The information provided will not appear anywhere on the public record:

  • Town of birth (first 3 letters)
  • Telephone number (last 3 digits)
  • Eye colour (first 3 letters)
  • National insurance number (last 3 digits)
  • Passport number (last 3 digits), mother’s maiden name (first 3 letters), father’s first name (first 3 letters)

Our company incorporations service

Our basic formation package costs £85 excluding VAT, which gives you:

  • Electronic and printed certificate of incorporation
  • Electronic and one bound copy of the articles of association
  • Statutory register
  • Share certificate
  • Electronic Form AA01 to change the company’s accounting reference date

With Bridgehouse Company Secretaries at your side, forming a limited company really is as simple as that!  If you’d like more information on our company incorporations service, give Bridgehouse a call on 0845 055 8260 or email  and your company will be formed promptly.