Charity company secretary

The company secretary fulfils an important role for charity and not-for-profit organisations, ensuring all legal and regulatory obligations are met.  A charity company secretary from Bridgehouse Company Secretaries can help charities and not-for-profit organisations discharge their responsibilities cost-effectively when the expense of employing a full-time company secretary cannot be justified.

What legal obligations does a charity have?

Charities have a number of obligations that must be met by law:

  • A charity in the UK must be registered with the Charities Commission – the governing body for charities – and comply with the Charities Act.
  • The charity must have a governing document such as a Memorandum and Articles of Association or a Trust deed, which outlines its objects and details its management structure. The charity must then comply with its governing document.
  • If undertaking fundraising activities, the charity must ensure that it complies with fundraising regulations to ensure that all income is raised legally and transparently (such as using its charity number on all fundraising materials), and that fundraising income is declared transparently in its accounts.
  • A charity must also meet its responsibilities as an organisation and employer, complying with employment law, the Data Protection Act and any other relevant legal requirements.

Though these stipulations are vital to the running of a charity, many charities are small and do not have the knowledge and expertise in-house to ensure that the organisation fulfils all its legal duties. At Bridgehouse, we understand the unique challenges of running a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Our charity company secretary service will help your charity run legally and smoothly.

Our charity company secretary services

Typically, our duties for charity and non-profit organisations include:

  • Filing annual returns
  • AGM support: Convening an AGM (if required by the Articles) ensuring that the required notice period is given and formal minutes taken.
  • Safeguarding all company legal documents and maintaining statutory registers listing charity members, directors, directors’ interests and company policies among others.
  • Meeting management: Arranging other meetings as necessary and maintaining a record of the minutes.
  • Submitting required information to Companies House such as registered office details and any changes in the composition of the board.
  • Filing annual accounts and an annual return to the relevant regulatory authority.
  • Arranging the preparation of year-end accounts.
  • Keeping registers up-to-date.
  • Drawing up procedures to ensure good governanceand ensuring these are followed.
  • Compliance services: Ensuring (in conjunction with the board) compliance with all applicable legislation such as health and safety and employment laws.

We offer flexible charity company secretary services to suit you – whether you require regular but part-time involvement in the running of your charity, or perhaps need a temporary company secretary to help with one-off tasks such as the preparation of your annual report.

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